Imagine your guests participating in a crazy race with flying machines.

They can pilot a real drone through a race-and-battle game that is as impressive and exciting as it is easy! They step into the shoes of a DRL* pilot, with a twist. Integrating AR technology guarantees a brand-new experience that is truly more interactive than a traditional drone race.

* Drone Racing League


Augmented reality lets pilots run into boost zones, catch weapons, and pass through gates. Racers can charge at their competition, eject them from their path and fly to victory—just like in a game of Mario Kart. Choose the winning strategy and let your competitive spirit run wild!

The general public will discover just how easy it can be to fly a drone. Our contactless collision and fenced virtual track technologies give beginners the thrill of a real-life drone race.


Indoor, requires a minimum of 800m² of space and 3.5m of ceiling height

Up to 6 pilots

Designed for beginners and expert pilots alike

Ten- to 15-minute games

Dedicated spectator view

Surf the popularity of drone racing, hassle-free!
Thanks to our automatic battery charging and swapping system, drones are sent to a pit stop and in just a few seconds, they can continue the race.
Welcome to limitless drone racing!

Expert pilots will also enjoy COLLISION COURSE. Our innovative technology averts interruptions caused by accidents or dead batteries. Their race time will improve and they will continue coming back for more.