Flying drones is now a family-friendly activity that’s as easy as riding a bike. ARCADRONE is a safe and fun experience using immersive and interactive gaming technology.

Imagine an entertainment experience where your guests can enjoy the thrill of flying drones combined with the fun of video games. They dive into an augmented world where everything and anything can happen. Thanks to our assisted piloting system, guests don’t even have to know how to fly drones! They just pick up the controller, slip on the video headset and the magic happens! They can show off their talent through this uniquely interactive AR experience.


You will be captivated by how augmented reality can provide various experiences and plunge your guests into different worlds, creating an immersive and exciting attraction.

Your guests will become ARCADRONE addicts! From shooting targets to capturing flags and moving through obstacles, augmented reality provides the possibility to create various gameplays that can be customized and renewed as often as you need. Your guests will always come back for more!


Indoor, requires a minimum of 30m² of space and 3.5m of ceiling height

Up to 6 players installed around the drone flying arena

Three- to five-minute games

Dedicated spectator view

The closed flying arena coupled with our virtual fencing technology provides maximum safety.

Both players and spectators will be able to feel the adrenaline pumping through their veins during the intense games.

Innovative assisted piloting and contactless collision technologies let anyone fly the drones—from young children to their great-grandparents.

To make sure your guests keep coming back for more, new games can be easily offered. Players will always have a new experience at their fingertips.

The system adapts to what your park needs as it can be installed for two, four and six players. Additionally, the attraction’s size can also vary from 30 to 80 m² and more depending on your physical restrictions.

Operators can rest assured: The system is controlled via an easy-to-use remote operation interface as the arena requires no dedicated staff. Players start each game autonomously and the system can operate continuously via a revolutionary automatic battery charging and swapping system.

By ensuring fast player turnover and easy operation, ARCADRONE’s ROI is high.