We develop new concepts for FECs, location-based entertainment venues and theme parks combining real drones with AR video games.

Our revolutionary attractions meet the needs of operators and owners while fully exploiting the growing popularity and potential for fun that drones offer.

Our ambition is to lead the drone revolution in the amusement and entertainment industry.



Drone Interactive aims at spreading FunTech all over the world. We profoundly believe that innovative technologies will continuously be an integral part in having fun. Our clients are always looking for new, thrilling sensations to offer their guests and our pioneering team can give it to them.


Creativity has no bounds and your imagination is our playground. We make it a point to always connect with what our clients need to give them the most suitable, creative and innovative solution.


Our heart races when we have a new idea, or when we create a new experience that combines our collective expertise with our passion for drone flying and video games.


Philippe ONILLON - Head of Sales & Marketing

Philippe is an electronics engineer with an executive MBA. He flew his first RC aircraft model when he was fifteen. He has extensive experience in managing B2B companies on an international scale.


Kevin SILLAM - CTO and Creative Director

A savvy mix of creativity and technology, Kevin has a PhD in computer graphics and is specialized in software development, video games and virtual/augmented reality.


Vincent RIGAU - CEO

Born entrepreneur and leader, Vincent is a robotics engineer and a drone and technology transfer expert. He loves everything that flies.


Romain GRANDCHAMP - Head of R&D

In addition to being an information systems engineer, Romain has a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. He is also an expert FPV drone racing pilot.


Etienne HUBERT - Head of Product Development

Etienne is a control system engineer with extensive knowledge in motion capture and control applied to drones. He also loves music and is a passionate drum player.


Elora LANGLOIS - Graphic Designer

Elora is a young graphic designer specialized in interactive design and development. Our cutting-edge projects put her artistic and technical talent to the test.


Drone Interactive is a French startup. We integrated a business incubator in Grenoble in 2016 and launched in January 2018. Our solutions are based on the results of 15 years of research conducted at GIPSA-lab—an internationally recognized research lab specialized in control systems for drones.

Our original concept was acclaimed by international media outlets after our very first presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January 2018. Drone Interactive was selected among the three finalists of the Best of CES 2018 in the category Best Robot or Drone.

In summer 2018, and thanks to our wonderful investors, Drone Interactive successfully finished their first fundraising campaign.

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